Learn the holy-grail of mentalism effects...

Teach a Volunteer to Directly Read the Minds of Other Spectators - No Props! No Gimmicks!

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You ask three spectators to simply think of a word – you then teach another spectator to read their minds and reveal exactly what they are thinking of!

The Spectator-As-Mind-Reader plot has long been considered the ultimate mentalism effect. Audiences love seeing mind-reading – but what they’d really like is the chance to lean just one of the secrets and be able to do it themselves. Being able to do this in a way that amazes both the audience and the person doing the mind-reading has always been ellusive… Until now!

So Mikey… Tell me some more about this break-through routine

You offer to teach one of your top mind-reading techniques and select a would-be student out of the audience. You then select three other people and ask each of them to think of a word and visualise it in their mind. Now you whisper to your student and teach them your secret method - this takes about 30 seconds. When you’re done, your student spends a few moments looking intently at each of the people thinking of a word. Then, in what is often the most mind-blowing moment of the entire show; they correctly name each of the three words being thought of!

Since there are no props or gimmicks, there isn’t a lot to see – which is a good thing… Because that’s exactly how mind-reading should look!

Best of all – the people thinking of the words, the person doing the mind-reading and the rest of the people watching are all amazed by what happens. No assistants posing as audience members required!

This sounds impressive… But does your “student” ever get it wrong?

Not unless you want them to! In the main routine included in the book, your student gets all three words correct every single time. The secret technique you teach them is straight-forward, its almost impossible for them to mess up. But there is a variation included where you have to correct your student which I think makes it even stronger…

Imagine this… Your student has used the secret technique to identify the words that the first two people are thinking of. She is currently staring at the third, but before she says anything – you shout “No, that’s not it – the word that you’re thinking of right now isn’t the right one. Change your mind…”  The student changes their mind and switches to a new word – which turns out to be correct.

Think about what that means… You’ve been mind-reading all night; then you teach a student to mind-read; then you mind-read the student while they are mind-reading someone else! As I said in the video – this is next level mentalism!

And what’s this secret “special tool” that you’re sending me in the mail?

I don’t want to say what it is publicly. I don’t want people to recognise what it is and know what it does if they ever see someone using it!

What I can say is that it is an innocent item (actually two items) that will allow you to always be able to discover a single word that someone is thinking of. It is something I developed myself, had manufactured and is available only direct from me.

Its not totally required for the Spectator-as-Mindreader effect, but the tool makes performing it a bit easier – you can actually use it for loads of different effects.

Worldwide shipping is included free of charge!

Benefits of the Spectator-as-Mind-Reader routine…
  • Can be performed on stage & close-up! You get the full routine as designed for the stage but I also show you how to perform it for great reactions in casual, close-up situations like parties, restaurants and business events.
  • Read more than 3 minds - Need your “student” to read 4 minds, or 5 minds? No problem, the routine can easily be adapted to enable this.
  • Works 100% of the time - This effect is the perfect thing to end your performances with, and naturally it never fails!
  • No funny moves or sleight of hand - Once the performance starts you don’t have to do anything but speak. There aren’t even any props for you to move! As I said, this is the real deal, everything happens in the spectators minds.
  • Unlimited uses of the “Secret Tool” - This alone is an amazing bit of kit. The ability to read single words from people’s minds whenever you want is pretty special!
  • Professional & Exclusive - This isn’t a nasty mish-mash of a dozen children’s “mind tricks” that you find being sold elsewhere. This is a single, professional-grade routine that will enable you to perform top quality mind-reading that gets the same mind-blowing reactions as the best mentalists on the planet. If you are already a professional, this will fight right into your act. If not, this will elevate your performance to the highest standards.

The regular price for just the Spectator-as-Mind-Reader book is $147 – but for a limited time, I’ve got a range of packages that include the book, secret tool and bonuses starting from $97!

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Happy Mind Reading,

- Mikey Jay